Walking Through Fire

By February 8, 2018Herstory, Perspective

Walking Through Fire

a Women’s March story by Gabi Arad

On January 17th 2017, my husband asked for a divorce. This was after being in couple’s therapy for two years and finding out that he was cheating that entire time. On January 20th, Donald Trump was inaugurated. The next day I marched.

A few of my girlfriends and I joined a bus full of women as we headed down to not only make our voices heard, but to turn up the volume and send a message to the world. We were angry!!

As We marched as advocates for human rights, I realized that my journey was parallel to that of all those around me. For so long I tried to keep my relationship in tact. I didn’t want to poke the bear. But that day, I realized that I was the bear. We all were. And we were awakened from our sleep.

I was angry that I fought for something that only I was in the ring fighting for. Angry that I had been manipulated, blind, and that my faith had been taken advantage of. And as the rain began to fall (and oh how it fell), I put on my yellow poncho and made my voice heard, loud and clear. “Enough!”

For the next 6 months I walked through the fire. I was in therapy twice a week, fighting for the custody of my girls, and trying to figure out the answer to the question we were all asking: “what now?”

It is now a year later. My voice, no longer an angry roar, knows it’s purpose; to be in service to the power that lies within. The fire has made me stronger, the battle has made me more resilient, and my introspection has made me wiser.

They say that marking time allows you to see the growth that you have had. I have grown. We have grown.

The battle is over. I’m stepping out of the ring. It is no longer about changing the people that cannot change. It is about owning the power that lies within. And it is about using our voices to transmit that power.

I’m not here for change. I am here for transformation.


Gabi Arad is a mother, Life Coach and the founder and Rabbi of the Jewish Collaborative of San Diego.  If you are interested in connecting with Gabi, you can reach her at Gabiarad@icloud.com or go to http://yourinfinitelifeonline.com/.



  • Thank you for sharing your personal story, Gabi. I so resonate with your bear analogy. Each year, rather than a moment in history, these marches feel like we are shaping a movement that will change history for the better for all. I’m sorry you went through that experience in your marriage. You’re a true inspiration! I’m proud to march with you
    and all the other women (and men) who stand for love, equality and respect. #enough #endthesilence #speakyourtruth #riseandshine

  • Sara Afshari says:

    Wow. Goosebumps. Beautiful and wonderfully written.

  • Jennifer says:

    So powerful gabsters. So so happy you found your spot. What’s even cooler is because you are YOU, others can see the light of your journey and find their bear spot too! Love you. Love your story.

  • Cambria says:

    Thank you for sharing! It’s amazing how different all our stories are but we all came together in the march(es) to support our growth (and transformations)!

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