The Naked Truth

by Joie Cheng

In May 2015, I was in the middle of launching a twelve-week women’s circle and was casually seeing this guy when everything seemed to fall apart in my life. He suddenly disappeared on me. The women’s circle I had spent months preparing got halted when I didn’t respond to a woman’s text message for a couple days and my mentor told me I wouldn’t be able to launch my circle at that time, because her reputation was on the line. I woke up the next day and didn’t know what to do. I felt so lost. So, I meditated and prayed. I asked for guidance. And waited for an answer.

I am a strong believer that everything in our lives happens for a reason, and that reason is there to serve us even if we don’t always know what that reason is. I kept meditating and praying until I got the most unusual guidance. I was told to go to Bali. I questioned it at first, because I didn’t know where Bali was, but I knew it was far away. I asked my guides if they were sure since it’s so far and they said yes. So, after some debate I decided to trust my guides and go to Bali.

I had also invested in a program in January 2015 to bring in my Twin Flame (Life Partner on Life Purpose) and asked my guides if that was why I needed to go to Bali. They gave me the sense it was connected. I decided if I was going to travel all the way to the other side of the world I might as well check out some other places I’ve always wanted to see, so I decided to add China, Hong Kong, Thailand, Australia, and Singapore to the list.

I also decided to buy a one-way ticket and be open to where I was led and when I would come back, if ever. I put my stuff in storage and off I went. I was terrified of traveling by myself to foreign countries I had never been to before (even though I had studied abroad in England for a semester). I knew I would grow by going on this journey because we can’t grow when we’re comfortable. Growth only happens outside of our comfort zones, and the scarier something is the more potential there is for growth. So, I knew the potential for growth was huge.

I learned a lot during the three months I was gone. Like most things we do when we’re scared, I learned I am stronger than I think. I also learned how to fully trust and surrender and allow my life to be completely guided and supported by my Divine.

There is a sense of freedom and peace when we let go of the expectations of how our lives “should be” and trust where we are is exactly where we are meant to be. I learned how to make friends easily and not get too attached as they could leave the next day. I also learned how to really live in the present and appreciate every moment.

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