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GirlSide Chats seeks to unite women by discovering, defining, and breaking down the barriers of political views, race, religion and socioeconomic factors.

Our mission is to elevate ALL women - to be heard, to think deeply and to question the limitations placed upon us and those that we place on ourselves.

Our goal is to empower each woman to bravely and actively carve out a future that is in-line with her truest self - to be free of expectations, seize her wildest dreams, and ultimately, to live her most enriched and fullest life.

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Mental HealthPerspectivePolitics
November 1, 2017

Cultivating CommUNITY

Cultivating CommUNITY by Heather Conklin The outdoor patio of the small Mexican restaurant was buzzing with excited locals awaiting the results of the election. I was sitting in the corner, dressed in a white suit that I’d been wearing all day…

IntuitionLove & RomancePerspective
October 23, 2017

The Naked Truth

The Naked Truth by Joie Cheng In May 2015, I was in the middle of launching a twelve-week women’s circle and was casually seeing this guy when everything seemed to fall apart in my life. He suddenly disappeared on me….

01. Upcoming Events

  1. Dec 14- Social & Chat: Defining Womanhood
  2. Jan 18- Chat: Dressing for Safety, Self-Expression & Sexuality
  3. Jan 24- Imagine 2018: a visionboard experience
  4. Feb 22- Chat: Pleasure & Love
  5. Mar 22- Chat: Affairs

Past Events

  1. Politics Q&A
  2. Intuition
  3. Power & Magic of Emotions
  4. Relationships
  5. Mama Gena’s Book: Pussy: A Reclamation

Click Events, for details on upcoming chats and workshops.

02. Core Values:

  1. Freedom to live how we choose
  2. Empathy & Acceptance
  3. Self-Compassion
  4. Speaking up for ourselves
  5. Embracing our Vulnerability
  6. Kindness as a best practice
  7. Connection & Fun
  8. Listening with Curiosity
  9. Sisterhood
  10. Finding the Gold

We’d love to hear from you & what your core values are.

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03. Our Goals

  1. Connect with 20,000 girls and women, nationally, through our in-person chats by September 2018
  2. Increase our online audience to 100K girls and women by September 2018
  3. Support 50 new, up and coming female writers through our blog posts on female centric topics. Includes articles, poems and short stories.
  4. Fundraising $25,000+ for our new website development and community outreach efforts through 2018.
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